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Opening new perspectives for Small and Middle Enterprises is in Parfummele®Network approach a great challenge. That is not possible to achieve, if we don’t recognize effectiveness of cooperation with goal to deliver better service for or customers.

Our quite short acting is based on long tradition of perfumer who was grown from small pharmacist in small city to renowned producer of fragrance. Innovation is a key action for better access to market that SME companies can serve. Strengthening of advantage to be small and customer oriented, must be combined with good organizational development of business functions that can make our design and production processes lean enough to be competitive. Goal of Parfummele@Network is to establish cooperation network and combine skills and innovation of small firms into new value.


What we actually do!

Small quantity and samples distribution and production of fragrance supported through networking
Fragrance application support and development of natural sources by cooperation of PARFUMMELE®NETWORK
Leverage of awareness for fragrance as support for making living better



08 January 2018

Lyral in our products

Nino Škalič About fragrance

18 January 2017

Essential oils accordance to REACH

Miro Mele Essential oils

18 May 2016

What nose knows! About scent perception!

Super User About fragrance

18 May 2016

Aroma families

Super User About fragrance

13 May 2016

Fragrance application devices

Super User Essential oils

13 May 2016

The Methods of Extracting Essential Oils

Super User Essential oils

13 May 2016

About essential oils

Super User Essential oils



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