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Fragrance compounding

About fragrance compounding

From a first minute of our lives we detect scent and use it as guide to find mothers warm safety of mothers hug. Most of scents in our environment are unique and researchers found, that we can detect millions of scents. A task of fragrance artisan (perfumer)is to build scent which is unique and reproducible.  Perfumers made long way from mixing of fragrance ingredients available in nature trough their separation, synthesis to modern science of fragrance compounding.  There is also enough space for experimentation and scientific research for building of extraordinary compositions reminding of great music work from ancient history to modern music.

Today according to IFRA (International Fragrance Association) today about 3000 fragrance ingredients are in use. Most of them are synthetic but many of them are natural or from natural sources. It was necessary to establish good control for assessment of safety and IFRA together with RIFM (Research Institute of Fragrance Materials) are doing great work to make our creations safe.

Parfummele® effort is to enable perfumers and small to medium enterprises good base for serving similar range of consumers. With cooperation networks we support and connect fragrance producers to compete successful. Efficient knowledge exchange about compounding and application of fragrance is right way to use art of perfume composing  and application knowledge of end products producers.   

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