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Natural fragrance


Consumers are becoming more educated and suspicious of chemicals in our personal care products and are seeking safer alternatives. Natural fragrances in general are much healthier and provide the scents for green living. 

Natural fragrances are essential oils and isolates derived from botanical ingredients that are harvested from the earth such as: flowers, fruits, sap, seeds or skin of the plant, as well as the bark, leaves, roots, resins or wood of certain trees and not from a lab (synthetic). The oils Pour le Monde uses are derived from natural raw materials by either steam, or water distillation, a technique that has been around for centuries. Some 'naturals' are created from absolutes, a process that uses either hexane or petroleum ether. While the oils that come from this rich process are washed, they still contain trace amounts of petrochemicals and are not recognized by the Natural Products Association. Naturals, because they are limited, need to be harvested responsibly and have to be imported from around the world, creating greater expense. It is much more cost effective to try to replicate nature in a lab.


What we love about natural Eau de Parfum is that they are created in layers; changing gradually with the chemistry of your skin. Working with your chemistry, they also gently evolve into your own singular scent, so you smell like you and not like everyone else. Each individual’s skin is different so the longevity and the spirit of the notes smell and last differently. Natural perfumes are not overpowering and will stay within a few feet of your body. Basically, when you leave the room, so will your fragrance.

Without harsh chemicals, natural fragrances are also more eco-friendly than our synthetic counterparts whose chemicals can be an environmental problem. You are getting nature’s gifts in its purest form. People with chemical sensitivities and asthma won’t be as bothered like they are with synthetics and the color of the fragrance is provided by the colour of nature.

What makes natural Eau de Parfum so different from other fragrance brands is that they are an Eau de Parfum and smell as beautiful (if not better!) than artificial fragrances. In fact, we hear all the time, "I can't believe these fragrances are all natural!!" 

Source: http://www.pourlemondeparfums.com/naturalvssynthetic.html


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