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Cooperate with us

Cooperate with us

The Parfummele® network is not only a trader of fragrance. Our experience in production and marketing of fragrance for small and middle enterprises (SME`s) lead us to the conclusion, that better cooperation in necessary to enable better fulfilment of SME`s needs. The challenge we face is to connect the creation and the production part; acting as SME`s with their counter partners who apply scent compounds.

We invite all companies and individuals who are willing to build new value based on cooperation and don’t want to lose their independence.  


We have the following proposals for network partners:

-          Offers of independent perfumers to entrepreneurs who are willing to produce or use their creations

-           Requests of users for suitable formulations to suit their needs

-          Cooperation with growers of scenting raw materials and essential oil distillers

-          Organisation of fluent service for sample distribution, request processing and optimization of production

-          All reasonable, creative and productive activities members of Parfummele®Network are willing to execute together.

Members and partners in the Parfummele® network are kindly invited to contribute their knowledge, comments and offers to improve communication quality.  Every contribution and suggestion is appreciated.  

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